Lambo Defi Network

Lambo finance network aims to provide a comprehensive decentralized financial service using the three native currencies of the ecosystem –LAMBOSWAP token, LAMBOLEND token and a mineable token of the ecoystem referred to as USDL.

Lambo Finance core products and release schedule are as follows:

LamboSwap Exchange : AMM-based Decentralized Exchange

LamboSwap Farms : Liquidity mining platform used for liquidity incentive Comprehensive on-chain governance, decentralized control and development.

Lambo Token Staking : Stake lambo tokens to get more lambo rewards based on time duration.

Lambo Lend : compound and aave like lending and borrowing DeFi solution

Lambo sythetic assets : Synthetix like mintr dapp with stable coin and synthetic assets

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Lambo Defi Network

Lambodefi network presale has ended. For the people who missed our presale, you can access our pancakeswap BUSD/LAMBO pool to purchase and trade our lambo tokens with your BUSD via this link:
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lambo Network Mission

LamboDefi Network Mission

The mission of Lambo finance network is to open up the vast potential within DeFi and maximize value for every DeFi user. We aim to create a decentralized financial network that enables users and other decentralised protocols to carry out pool strategy lending and borrowing (liquidity pools), asset swapping (from one token to the other) as well as synthetic assets. Our technology lets us unite major features in the industry and previously isolated digital assets, maximizing chain functionality so that any can transaction can be carried out with ease. We cater for more assets and allow investors to buy, sell, lend and trade more cryptocurrencies and increase their position size in the assets they desire.

 lambo network vision

LamboDefi Network Vision

We envision an ecosystem where fast, easy, and affordable decentralized financial products and services that meet an individual’s needs are delivered in a timely, responsible, and sustainable way. Apart from this, we project a platform that will be the forerunner of all DeFi products and use cases in the nearest future and easily accessible tokens with more use cases that will drive adoption, increase demand and value.

There is mining selling pressure on the currency of the current AMM exchange platforms, which cannot be used as value support, resulting in large price fluctuations and the embarrassment of currency holders making them unable to stabilize profits. We envision a project that will help alleviate this issues and take the DeFi ecosystem to the next level.

Lambo Finance Network is redefining how DeFi works, combining the best of it features to create a bonded system. The Lambo Finance Network protocol’s implementation will bring significant and lasting change to the trading of financial products and other DeFi use cases. Lambo Finance Network is set to permanently address the numerous issues faced by existing DeFi users and facilitate a safe, fast, highly secure, and accessible solution at reduced fee. That is not all, we also have a native curriencies with which access will be given to the services on the platform.

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Opportunities that Lambo Finance Network offers

As a platform with the goal to set the pace in the different protocols of DeFi, Lambo Finance Network offers some key advantages over it peers in the industry. Some of them include:

  • Liquidity pool access
  • Transparency in fund movements and the underlying smart contract
  • Price efficiency as prices are subject to market demand
  • Much easier access for users
  • Greater platform utility, speed, and flexibility in lending/borrowing
  • Easy swap
  • Synthetic asset access
  • Open governance option
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LamboSwap Dapp

Lamboswap is the AMM-based Decentralized Exchange of the Lambo finance network ecosystem and it is designed to exchange one token for another directly, bypassing trading platforms and other intermediaries. To carry out exchange operations, the user does not need to create an account on the exchange, go through the KYC procedure and trust their funds to third parties. All you need to do is connect your browser wallet (eg. MetaMask), select the exchange direction and make a transaction. Next, the smart contract will automatically send the corresponding amount of ETH or tokens to your account.

As compared to traditional crypto trading/exchanges; Automated market making involves no order book, no price field and no limit orders. Automated markets take DeX to a different level, where the prices are already fixed and there are no registration, no deposit or withdrawal. Swap (the equivalent of traditional trade ) is one touch, decentralised and instant.

Trades are done between user and a pool (a supply demand calibrated pool of tokens and their ethereum equivalent). Anyone who has the tokens and their equivalent ether can become a liquidity provider to the pool and earn a portion of the transaction fee.

There are no manual token listings. Tokens are listed automatically in a decentralised fashion without the intervention of anyone. Every information and transaction is recorded on-chain and is available for everyone to verify and use.

Use Our LamboSwap Dapp
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LamboSwap Governance Token

LamboSwap Tokenomics

Total supply :1 Billion

Type : ERC20 with governance features

Working Mechanism : DeX

HighSpeed pool of LAMBO-ETH and LAMBO-USDT will yield 2x rewards

First mover advantage : First week, all pools will have 12x reward and second week it will be 10x reward.

Staking rewards : Rewards will be based on time duration of staking the Lambo tokens.

Three months staking reward : 3x

Six months staking reward : 7x

One year staking reward : 15x

Many pools high yield farming with a great apy will be added after Lamboswap token sale.

Lambo token contract address: 0x6da11821ac676d7ef8b31b2ace5d025429f5af44

The token sale first stage will be announced on our telegram group
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lambo lend


LamboLend is an Ethereum-based algorithmically-operated decentralized money market protocol that allows lenders to provide loans and borrowers to take out loans in cryptocurrencies. The protocol offers fully automated mode of lending whereby the platform automatically allocates and secure loans at an interest rate that is determined by market forces (demand and supply). This includes the liquidity of a certain pair and other variables of the pool like market volume and it is a super fast and easy way for platform memebers to lend or borrow.

Users (lenders) can provide liquidity to the liquidity pool that sit in smart contracts (Ethereum smart contracts in this case). Some DeFi protocols have addressed liquidity by allowing users to pool their liquidity. However, these liquidity pools remain distinct from lending. Lambolend will integrate liquidity pools and lending services to maximize the liquidity accessible to platform users. We don’t offer the option of users creating their own pool with customised terms and rates. Platform users utilize the liquidity pool offered by the network and investors will be able to deposit their idle assets into a liquidity pool and earn a reward on their allocated assets.

LamboLend token is another ERC20 Gorvernance token within the Lambo Finance network and it core function is in the Lend protocol: this token will allow users to:

  • Participate in lending activities to earn interest
  • Borrow assets on the platform (add collateral)
  • Participating in liquidity pools (to earn yield on their money)

Assets supplied to a market are represented by LamboLend token balance, which entitles the owner to an increasing quantity of the underlying asset. As the money market accrues interest, which is a function of borrowing demand, LamboLend token become convertible into an increasing amount of the underlying asset. In this way, earning interest is as simple as holding a LamboLend Token.

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lambo finance


LamboMint is the native synthetic asset mint of the Lambo Finance Network ecosystem. With it, platform members will be able to use Lambo tokens as collateral to mint synthetic assets. Synthetic assets hold the same value as underlying assets and are built on derivative smart contracts. Using synthetic assets involves low risks. And since derivatives are involved in the process, there is no fear of price fluctuation for users. Asset class can be any of the following; fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities like gold and oil, equities, and exchange traded funds and indices.

Synthetic Assets in LamboMint support tokens in the DeFi ecosystem such as stable coins. The function of synthetic assets is to bring in a version of other assets such as gold, silver, fiat currency, and any other real-life commodity into the decentralized network. By using synthetic assets, the investors can hold tokens, without leaving the crypto space, whose value comes from the above mentioned underlying assets. In the crypto space, these synthetic assets will take the form of cryptocurrency tokens.

It is important to note that users will be able to create liquidity pools for the tokens they mint and trade the newly-created synthetic assets via Lambo swap. Price would be provided in a decentralized manner using on-chain price oracles. The mint can also facilitate compliant, reliable, safe, high-speed transfers between individuals who use different wallet apps in shared as well as different currencies without requiring private business development negotiations or using private networks

Token Distribution / Token allocation

Lambo total supply – 1 billion Lambo tokens

90% of total Lambo tokens supply will be mined by lambodefi community

Premined 10% of total Lambo tokens supply – 100 mil lambo tokens

10% of the lambo tokens premined (100 M) will be used for these following purposes:

0.2% total lambo tokens supply will be sold in the presale stage

0.5% total lambo tokens supply be sold in the crowdsale stage

5% total lambo tokens supply for Lambo team hold and will be locked for 6 months

0.1% total lambo tokens supply for Lambo founder

0.1% total lambo tokens supply for airdrop and bounties program

0.2% total lambo tokens supply for marketing program and partnership

2% total lambo tokens supply for IDO on lamboswap (Initial DEX Offering)

1.9% total lambo tokens supply for development fees

lambo Network Mission

Roadmap / Timeline of Activities

lambo Network Mission
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